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The King Coffee 100% Arabica 82 points
  • The King Coffee 100% Arabica 82 points


    Special coffee grown with the most noble planting and harvesting methods, brought directly from the vast fields of the Minas Gerais cerrado to your cup, with notes of chocolate, a high body and a touch of caramel, we present The King.


      Special Coffee of the Red Catuaí species

      Notes: Chocolate and caramel

      Region: Cerrado Mineiro

      Cultivation: Dona Neném Farm

      Altitude: 1,100m

      Natural Process

      Score: 82 points

      Medium Roast

      Can with 200 grams.


      Any questions please contact us!


      As it is a food product, it is only possible to return it if it remains sealed. If any problems arise regarding the coffee, please contact our team.


      Shipping is free and the delivery time will be sent to you by email, which may take up to 15 days for delivery.

      Any questions please contact us!

    Isaac - Head of Sponsorships and Partnerships G4 Educação

    “…I loved the dedication and the coffee. I posted it for people to try here. Very good."
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